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BurrowRx Announces New Horticultural College Scholarship Program Offering $500 Biannually to Students of Any College or University

SAN DIEGO – Incoming or existing students of any college horticultural program can now apply for a new $500 biannual scholarship from BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer, the San Diego-based manufacturer of the leading burrowing and tunneling rodent control device.

BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is an innovative solution for controlling burrowing pests. It is the fastest, most effective device on the market for control of gophers, ground squirrels, moles, rats, prairie dogs, and other burrowing rodents.

Peter Kinnally, owner and president of BurrowRx, says he created the BurrowRx Horticultural Scholarship to give back to horticultural students because they end up working careers in pest control, farming and other related fields that are applicable to the control of burrowing animals.

“We want to help boost the careers of hard-working students as they decide to enter a horticultural program to start learning about their future profession,” said Kinnally. “BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer has been a tremendously successful product that is making its own mark in the pest control industry, while being used in related fields like horticulture and farming. We’re proud to be able to give back to those pursuing a profession in horticulture.”

The scholarship will be open to all students attending a U.S.-based higher learning institution, whether a college or university, and will be offered at $500 twice a year – every July and January.

Scholarship deadlines are May 30th and November 30th each year. Interested students can download an application on the BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer website at www.burrowrx.com/scholarshipsapp. Applications should be emailed to scholarship@BurrowRx.com.

About BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer
Designated as a pest control device by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is designed to control burrowing and tunneling animals, including gophers, ground squirrels, moles, rats, and prairie dogs. BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer uses a smoke oil tracer to show where the carbon monoxide is going in the tunnels. As the carbon monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it replacing oxygen in its blood and causing the organs to stop working. The product is unlikely to harm any non-target species because once it completely dissipates, the carbon monoxide is no longer a risk to anything entering the burrow system.

For more information about the solution for burrowing pests, visit BurrowRx at www.BurrrowRx.com or call (619) 442-8686. Also, visit the BurrowRx channel on YouTube.

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