Ground Squirrels Plagued Schools in California’s Inland Empire Until ProTech Pest Used BurrowRx

About 85 miles northeast of Los Angeles, deep in the heart of the Mojave Desert, Technician/Owner Jonathan Clark of ProTech Pest makes a busy living protecting the area’s homes, businesses and lately schools from Victorville’s number one pest – the ground squirrel.

The burrowing rodent is so prevalent that it’s been a major nuisance to many of Victorville’s 67 public, private and charter schools. The biggest issue with ground squirrels is that they are big carriers of ticks, so when they are present in big numbers on school properties they represent a real health threat to children.

Clark uses the BurrowRx to control rodents. He’s been extremely effective in reducing the ground squirrel populations at area schools. He and his school district customers have seen an immediate change thanks to BurrowRx.

“BurrowRx has been fantastic for us, we’ve used it 20 or 30 times in the first few months and we haven’t had a single callback,” Clark said. “With the schools, we got so busy right off the bat servicing them that we were doing six schools in one day.

“What we did was treat each school and then go back about a week later. All of the custodians were telling me they haven’t seen a ground squirrel since we treated. Before we treated, they were seeing 15-20 ground squirrels at every school and now there were none. I’m getting great results and it’s really performing for us.”

BurrowRx is making ProTech Pest more profitable on burrowing rodent jobs, as well. Clark has reduced the time they spend on the average job while eliminating callbacks.

“Well we used to have to bait a trap, go back, check the traps, rebait the ones that were missing it and then do this every month. I have one customer who had more than 50 squirrel traps in one warehouse facility, so it was a huge commitment time-wise to take care of them. Now using BurrowRx instead of baited traps, I’m hitting all of the area mounds and I’m saving a lot of time with better productivity because we’re eliminating the infestation altogether.”

Clark uses BurrowRx for other applications and pests in the Inland Empire, which stretches from eastern Los Angeles County to Pomona Valley, Coachella Valley and through Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. His firm protects against gophers, ground squirrels, prairie dogs and other burrowing animals using the BurrowRx.

About BurrowRx

Designated as a pest control device by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), BurrowRx is a carbon monoxide device designed to control burrowing and tunneling animals, including gophers, ground squirrels, moles, rats, and prairie dogs. BurrowRx uses a smoke oil tracer to show where the carbon monoxide is going in the tunnels. As the carbon monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it replacing oxygen in its blood and causing the organs to stop working. The product is unlikely to harm any nontarget species because once it completely dissipates, the carbon monoxide is no longer a risk to anything entering the burrow system.

For more information about the solution for burrowing pests, visit BurrowRx at or call (619) 442-8686. Also, visit the BurrowRx channel on YouTube.