Jean-Pierre Wolff Family

Guardians of the Vineyard: How Jean-Pierre Wolff Battles Burrowing Rodents with the BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer

Jean-Pierre Wolff knows a thing or two about burrowing rodents. He’s the leader of the Wolff Pack for Wolff Vineyards. Located south of San Luis Obispo, CA, the 125 acres of ecologically friendly, certified sustainable property near the Pacific Ocean provides the vineyard with a cool coastal marine influence. And plenty of gophers!

That’s why Jean-Pierre purchased a BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer. Everyone on his vineyard crew has been trained to use it. In fact, burrowing rodents love his vineyard so much that his team uses it on a regular basis.

“At least twice a week, especially in the springtime,” says Jean-Pierre. “That’s why we bought the upgraded BurrowRx. It can handle whatever we throw at it!”

Burrowing rodents are an ongoing problem for vineyards and other crops. If left unchecked, farmers and vineyard owners could experience significant economic damage.

“If it weren’t for using the BurrowRx, we could see tens of thousands of dollars worth of gopher damage, especially to the younger vines. It takes three years to get them established, so if we lose them, we have to start all over.”

Jean-Pierre sees the BurrowRx as a good investment for ongoing vertebrate pest control. While gophers are his main source of concern, moles, voles, and ground squirrels also take up residence in his vineyard.

“I’m very pleased with the BurrowRx,” says Jean-Pierre. “If we don’t use it, the population will increase. It’s a very sturdy and user-friendly machine, the smoke oil feature is also very effective in identifying the multiple burrowing galleries.”

About BurrowRx

Designated as a pest control device by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is designed to control burrowing and tunneling animals, including gophers, ground squirrels, moles, rats, and prairie dogs. BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer uses a smoke oil tracer to show where the carbon monoxide is going in the tunnels. As the carbon monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it replacing oxygen in its blood and causing the organs to stop working. The product is unlikely to harm any non-target species because once it completely dissipates, the carbon monoxide is no longer a risk to anything entering the burrow system.

For more information about the solution for burrowing pests, visit BurrowRx at www.BurrrowRx.com or call (619) 442-8686. Also, visit the BurrowRx channel on YouTube.