Scoring a Hole-in-One With BurrowRx

Scoring a Hole-in-One: One Man’s Success Story With Gophers

Keven Rutherford of Dixie Red Hills Golf Course shares his winning strategy with the BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer.

Keven Rutherford Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

“As part of my daily routine, I secure the BurrowRx in my golf cart’s passenger seat,” Keven explains. “It’s an essential tool for maintaining our course.”

Having experienced the BurrowRx’s effectiveness at Star Valley Golf Course, Keven championed its adoption upon joining Dixie Red Hills. Impressed by its performance, he convinced his new boss to invest in the sprayer, now a top recommendation among St. George’s golf superintendents.

Situated near St. George’s desert expanse, Dixie Red Hills faces persistent burrowing rodent threats. Keven strategically deploys the BurrowRx along the course perimeter, mitigating burrowing activity.

“Managing gophers without the BurrowRx would be a challenge,” Keven emphasizes. “With their year-round breeding, proactive control is crucial to prevent player accidents such as a broken ankle from stepping in a gopher hole.”

Recognizing the sprayer’s cost-saving benefits, Keven views it as a wise investment. “The BurrowRx pays for itself over time,” he notes since he doesn’t spend money on traps or rodenticides.

Enthusiastic inquiries from fellow golfers, farmers, and ranchers attest to the BurrowRx’s appeal. “They see its ease of use and want one for their own properties,” Keven shares.

Supported by BurrowRx representative Art Guzman, Keven appreciates the invaluable expertise and assistance. “Art’s knowledge on burrowing rodent control and the sprayer is invaluable,” he remarks. “It’s reassuring to have him as a resource.”

For Keven and Dixie Red Hills, the BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer isn’t just a tool—it’s a game-changer in maintaining a pristine golf course.

About BurrowRx

Designated as a pest control device by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer is designed to control burrowing and tunneling animals, including gophers, ground squirrels, moles, rats, and prairie dogs. BurrowRx Carbon Monoxide Sprayer uses a smoke oil tracer to show where the carbon monoxide is going in the tunnels. As the carbon monoxide enters the burrow system, the rodent breathes it replacing oxygen in its blood and causing the organs to stop working. The product is unlikely to harm any non-target species because once it completely dissipates, the carbon monoxide is no longer a risk to anything entering the burrow system.

For more information about the solution for burrowing pests, visit BurrowRx at www.BurrrowRx.com or call (619) 442-8686. Also, visit the BurrowRx channel on YouTube.